Together with our client AG Radio Holding, Wedel has managed to implement our Media Sales solution in record time. In total, implementation – including building infrastructure, testing and training of all personnel – across three radio stations, and two television stations took just two months. 

Raoul Wedel, “the cooperation between Wedel and AG Radio Holding to achieve this was phenomenal. Supported by technology and an excellent communication structure, we were able to roll out Media Sales across multiple stations in record time. I’m proud of our combined team, and we look forward to implementing some of the successful methods with other clients in future” 

“This fast implementation of Media Sales for our media channels was a great achievement. Switching to a new traffic software during the winter holidays could have been a difficult task. In addition, the pressure of a short implementation time frame might have increased the risk of errors and delays. But everything was implemented even earlier than planned. All the processes were surprisingly easy form our side, and all the people involved enjoyed a happy holiday having the system up and running even before the deadline initially agreed.” 

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