Covid19 has changed the way the world is doing business, and more people than ever are working from home, including those of us who work in broadcasting and creative production.  Whole teams now work remotely, making use of different technologies to ensure that the show can go on – from media sales to broadcast, every element has a different solution.

We’re delighted then, that our cloud-based solutions and SaaS model allow our customers to run their operations remotely, without compromising either efficiency or functionality – for example, the web-based CRM and proposal system has a live connection with the traffic system so no on-premise solution is required. And there’s also direct integration with cloud-based mail and storage providers, including Microsoft and Google, meaning users can send messages and share files quickly and easily. A solution so effective that our users even say they simply can’t tell the difference from the installed base version of our products.

And because it’s Wedel, this all comes with an excellent guarantee package that assures the speed of the application and provides exceptionally high Service Level Agreements. Time to say goodbye to on-premise solutions entirely?

Remote working with Wedel – keeping your employees safe, keeping your customers happy.

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