The shift in consumption broadcast to digital offers many new opportunities for revenue generation – as long as your platform has been built to handle digital sales.

Wedel Software’s digital module integrates seamlessly with rest of MediaSales to deliver everything media companies need to make the most of this increasing market. Makes the transition to digital both easier to manage and increases the possibilities to capture new revenue.

App Screenshots

Integration with key ad serving platforms

Easily manage your digital campaigns via a single interface.

Manage and track digital inventory

Easily stay on top of what is available and when, Maximising revenue opportunities and enjoying a clear oversight into the performance of your business.

Easily sell cross platform campaigns

Power up your campaigns and make the most of revenue opportunities across different kinds of media via a single application.


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Proposal Management

Create powerful proposals quickly and easily via a seamless process.

Customer Relationship Management

Simplify the management of customer relationships.

Automated Reporting

Stay on top of performance with regular automatic updates.

Rights Management

Manage individual program rights and maximise scheduling efficiency.

Program Scheduling

Control scheduling of linear and non-linear content across multiple channels, regions and platforms.

Reach & Frequency Planning

Easily to conduct reach and frequency analysis, creating better performing campaigns.

Analytics & Reporting

Create detailed management reports and overview charts and export them to multiple file formats with a single click.


View business intelligence from across the media sales lifecycle.

Digital Sales & Inventory

Make sales of all kinds of digital content easy to handle.


Efficient and flexible end-to-end management of spot creation.

Digital Signing of Contracts

Streamline contract signing process and allow your sales people to close the deal while on the road.


Enjoy a flexible way of authorizing proposals, configured according to your business rules.

Document Management

Easy and efficient storage and management of documentation.

Sales Force Automation

Extensive integrated sales automation features, allow you to automate parts of the sales process and accurately administer sales results.


Make sure you always reach the right audience.

Network Balancing

Automatic network balancing makes it easy to fill spots and keep continuity across multiple stations.