The world of radio continues to evolve, new innovations and changes in consumer habits are forcing broadcasters to think in ever more creative ways to target listener advertising.

New technology allows the integration of finer data points such as location, device and even audience profile to support truly targeted approaches.  And with the continuing steady creep of digital into the space we can expect to see an even split between terrestrial/digital ad-playout before too long. Campaigns are now routinely multi-platform, highly targeted and data-driven, creating multiple challenges for broadcasters.  Radio advertising is arguably facing the biggest upheaval in its long history.

So, all of this begs the question – how can radio stations make the most of these changes and not be left behind? After all, so many are dealing with legacy systems, with manual tasks often needed to bridge the gap between these and new technologies. And where there are manual tasks there are inefficiencies, and by association an impact on flexibility. How long before the march of progress threatens to overwhelm the capability of broadcasters to deliver true value for their advertisers?

From today there’s something brand new in the world of radio to answer these questions: Adthos Platform, the first technology of its kind built specifically to meet the needs of radio stations. A lightweight yet powerful addition to any existing traffic or playout system that allows digital audio and radio to be sold seamlessly within a single integrated campaign.  Instant reconciliation and an intuitive customer interface provide for updates and insights on a complete campaign at a moment’s notice, with the ability to replace a spot in real time delivering incredible responsiveness.

And this initial release (the first of many), the Adthos Ad-Server is free to download and use. Yes, free.

Want to know more? Of course you do