June 1st, 2021 saw the launch of our new Adthos Platform, built to bridge the divide between digital and terrestrial radio. Understanding that such groundbreaking technology would need to be properly introduced to the world, we brought Rick Rowland in to be our new Onboarding Manager for the platform.

Rick has been working in the industry for more than 30 years and has, by his own admission, held just about every radio station role within that time. Not only that, but he’s also designed his own suite of radio software focused on media readiness, commercial reconciliation and daily file readiness.

Raoul Wedel, CEO of Wedel Software says, “Adthos is probably one of the most exciting developments in Wedel Software’s history, so it’s fantastic to have a true radio professional like Rick onboard right from this critical starting phase. He’s focused a great deal of his career on optimizing log and reconciliation processes and proof of performance. We’re delighted to have someone join our team that shares our passion to finally do away with these issues.”

Rick says, “I’m very pleased to be joining the team at Wedel and help to introduce Adthos, a groundbreaking and innovative platform that I know will bring many solutions to the industry.”

Welcome onboard, Rick!

And if you’re wondering what Adthos is all about, check out the video guides over at