As 2019 draws to a close, we thought it was the perfect time to roundup all of the latest developments we’ve made to the MediaSales suite – and that’s a lot!

Linear – Digital convergence

First up, we’ve developed ad insertion technologies for both Digital and Linear. This allows media companies to sell digital campaigns and provide powerful performance insights to their clients, whether on their own website, through social media platforms, videos or via live read. 

For podcasts, bundled sales are now possible, enabling podcast providers to monetize podcast inventory to the max. For example, a single order for sponsorship of a particular show could mean:  pre & midroll in podcast, a banner on the show website, a spot during the program and during promo for the show.  

Refined/Streamlined campaign execution

Making our clients’ lives easier is the core focus of everything we do, ensuring they enjoy seamless end-to-end processes across every kind of campaign. To this end, we have been working on: 

  • Improvement of optimization algorithms, allowing on-demand commercial breaks to be served through machine learning
  • Further automation of Traffic tasks, including items such as break optimization. 
  • Collaborating with existing fingerprinting technologies to reconcile played spots based on fingerprinting and watermarking of audio

 A simplified Buy/Sell process

The new ‘Self Service Portal’ makes inventory directly accessible for buyers. And not only that, real-time dashboards make all campaign information available for them to review progress at any time 

Customers can also sell premium strategy packages through integrated campaigns on multi platforms (TV, Digital, Event (branded content), video, live read, podcast etc.

Consolidated tools

With an eye on supporting a less manual process – with the associated increase in efficiency and productivity – we‘ve enhanced our sales suite with a campaign automated Task Manager for automatically managing cross-departmental -platform workflow and we have further developed our creative and project management suite

And finally…

We’ve welcomed a lot of new clients in 2019, including: 


Media Central

Metro Norway

Astro Media

Leighton Broadcasting 

Armed Forces Network 

Trust Marketing

Happy holidays and a prosperous new year to all our clients and friends. We look forward to bringing you more new developments, and maybe catching up in person in 2020!