Introducing Wedel Software

Specialists in media information systems that offer something extra. From traffic and billing to CRM, business intelligence and more, we’ve got it covered.

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A tailored solution, off the shelf

A basic product that already provides a complete solution, easily adaptable and responsive to the individual needs of your business
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The benefit of experience

With a combined track record of more than 80 years working across the full spectrum of media, you’ll work with a team who knows your business inside and out.
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International perspective, local knowledge

Active in more than 25 countries we have a good overview of the media industry worldwide, but with key knowledge specific to local markets.
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Flexible and agile

The structure of our company – a focused core team which is scaled up as required – makes us extremely responsive. Improvements and customisation can be made without delay.

Wedel Software: Our Vision

The way advertising is bought and sold is constantly evolving, and we make sure our products do too.

Our customers’ demands are changing all the time. The need to find a media sales solution that can keep pace with technology and shifting market focus has never been greater. Our approach has always been to create solutions and field a team which is flexible and adaptable, providing the answer to our customer’s challenges today, and in the future.
Combined years of experience

Our integrated suite of products

MediaSales Traffic

A powerful and flexible Traffic and Billing solution designed for local, national and international radio and television businesses.

MediaSales CRM

Goes further than most CRM solutions, providing complete integration with all administrative and sales processes.

MediaSales Quote

Quick and easy generation of sales proposals and automated authorisation offer complete streamlining of the sales process.

MediaSales Analytics

Transform real time data into insights via customised reporting functions. Take your Business Intelligence to the next level.


We want to hear more about the challenges you’re facing and see how we can help. Please get in touch to arrange a telephone call with our team so we can understand your needs and share our insights.

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