We’re delighted to announce that Astro Radio will be implementing our MediaSales Suite to centralize and manage revenue and traffic operations across all of its 11 brands.  Astro Radio will enjoy a comprehensive media management platform that includes Proposal generation, Traffic and Billing, and post-campaign Analytics, with plans to later add Customer Relationship Management and Creative/Production tracking to complete the solution. 

At the same time, we’ll be implementing workflow management solutions for Astro Radio’s vast integrated campaigns department, which sells Radio, Sponsorships and Promotions. This will allow their internal approval process to become automated, meaning integrated campaigns can be managed more easily.  Using our solution, Astro Radio will be able to streamline operations by making it possible to have a proposal that can be executed through several departments.

Founder and CEO of Wedel Software, Raoul Wedel says “Astro Radio is the one of most prestigious media companies in Southeast Asia and so we’re delighted to have this opportunity to work closely with them.”

The MediaSales Suite is a unique platform that will enable us to improve our workflow and make the most of integrated campaigns. As one of the biggest and most advanced radio broadcasters in Asia, we needed a system that could deliver what we want both now – and in the future. Wedel Software was the only one that could offer the complete solution we were seeking.”

Jake Abdullah, CEO of Astro Radio