Creating and producing multi-platform campaigns from start to finish involves numerous departments, steps and deliverables. Make that a multi-platform campaign and the challenges increase exponentially– a long list of tasks, divided across different teams and involving a lot of people. Staying on top of who has done what, when and knowing what’s next is no easy feat.

But Wedel Software’s Task Manager makes it a breeze, providing a single portal for both clients and artists where every single task can be allocated, tracked and completed, whether involving internal or external stakeholders. Revisions on creative production can also be tracked, making it easy stick within agreed maximum revision limits.  From content creation to production, and right through to payments – every task executed within one system. In-built messaging and notifications mean no more combing your inbox for emails to check the status of tasks, while customisable approval routes ensure the campaign stays on track. And it wouldn’t be Wedel without a user-friendly dashboard to give you a clear overview of progress at any moment.

Simple, streamlined –  every step of the way.

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