While Digital Signing is definitely not a new concept, Wedel has added a number of enhancements to our own digital signing module that we’re really excited about. Contract management just got a lot easier…

In addition to the existing ability to sign and send contracts digitally, we’ve added functionality that supports transparent review and revision processes, easy signing and a clear audit trail of authorisations and contractual changes. The new environment allows for the creation of rules relating to revisions – who needs to review and/or sign, and for which parts. Whenever a change – or multiple changes – are made, the client can decide if a single signature is enough to authorise it, or otherwise an authorisation workflow can be set off to notify all relevant stakeholders and signees.

With a specific revision mode available, there’s no need to create a new contract, merely update the clauses and information that need to change. Contracts are saved as versions, with the latest iteration available for all stakeholders to access at any moment. A flexible, dynamic approach to secure management of contracts.

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