From today, users of the Adthos Ad Platform have even more opportunities to further personalize or target their audio advertising, thanks to the introduction of more than 75 new data API’s.

The new API’s cover a wealth of different interest areas including Sports, Travel, Finance, Retail, News and many more. Advertisers will now be able to add extra dynamic information based on data from sports matches such as football, travel data including TSA and other airport wait-times, and updates from the stock market, forex or crypto. There’s the option to utilize price data from retail giants such as Target and Walmart. And they can also engage their audiences with the latest news from Reuters or Google and help share important public health information on issues such as Covid and Monkeypox.

In addition, the Adthos ‘Ads Template’ feature offers the ability to generate ads as part of a suite of pre-produced templates that include many of the data API’s. Users can quickly create high-quality audio ads which can be highly targeted thanks to the easy insertion of these dynamic elements.

Raoul Wedel, CEO of Adthos says: “There is so much data out there which can be used to enhance the possibilities to target audiences or share crucial up-to-the-minute information, and these API’s put the power in the hands of advertisers, publishers and broadcasters to do just that. We can wait to see what our users do with these new opportunities – and rest assured we are working on even more for the future! ”

Curious about what Creative Studio can do? The makers of Adthos have created a special showcase to allow everyone to experience the possibilities for themselves.