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Who we are

Wedel Software was founded in January 2000 by Raoul Wedel, although he started to invent the system more than a decade earlier, when computers were first used to automate radio. He recognised early on that this was going to be an important step forward for the industry and has been focused on making use of the latest innovations ever since.

Today, Wedel Software has grown to become a leading supplier of software for the global broadcast and advertising industries.

Headquartered in Europe but with a worldwide presence that includes, among others, the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Wedel Software is dedicated to giving media companies around the world the tools they need to succeed.

Why choose us

Our powerful integrated system has been created by a team who have worked within the media industry for many years. We understand what media companies require to meet the challenges found in large scale traffic management and revenue generation and tracking.

We offer:

  • An integrated system of interlinking modules deliver seamless end to end processes across every department involved in the sales lifecycle.
  • A flexible and adaptable system with fast customisation possible thanks to our agile and scalable approach to meeting development needs.
  • Personal relationship support from a team dedicated to ensuring our products serve you in the way that they should.

Our experience

1000+ stations
80+ years combined industry experience
25 Countries (and growing)

We are proud to work with

What our clients say

Why work with Wedel?

We are specialists in media information systems that offer something extra.

From traffic and billing to CRM, business intelligence and more, we’ve got it covered.

A tailored solution, off the shelf.

A basic product that already provides a complete solution, easily adaptable and responsive to the individual needs of your business.

International perspective, local knowledge.

Active in more than 25 countries we have a good overview of the media industry worldwide, but with key knowledge specific to local markets.

The benefit of experience.

With a combined track record of more than 80 years working across the full spectrum of media, you’ll work with a team who knows your business inside and out.

Flexible and agile.

The structure of our company –  a focused core team which is scaled up as required – makes us extremely responsive. Improvements and customisation can be made without delay.