The evolution of multi-media campaigns, and in particular the rise of digital marketing, makes for exciting times for the industry, increasing revenue opportunities for advertisers and their clients alike. But it also brings challenges.

Selling, creating and executing different types of inventory means involving multiple departments across a single campaign, each managing multiple tasks. A high number of actions need to be logged and managed which can challenge a smooth delivery. And thanks to the way the industry has evolved, many companies are still operating multiple software solutions, with varying degrees of how well they integrate with each other. Information must often be recorded manually or doubled up, not only diminishing efficiency but also increasing the risk of information loss and improper reporting.

Wedel has worked with some of the world’s largest media companies, meaning we’ve seen the issues first-hand and listened to what our clients want and need. The result? An updated module for the Media Sales suite that delivers truly integrated multi-media campaigns and superior workflow management. Our clients can now execute seamless multi-platform campaigns across digital, display and audio software.

Superior integration and workflow across the sales lifecycle
This truly holistic solution optimises performance and maximises revenue vs diversified inventory via a unified end-to-end solution, linking data across the whole platform to support both excellent customer service and enhanced cross-selling opportunities. For multiplatform or cross-departmental campaigns, our system will trigger the right person from the right department to act via an approval workflow, all via our built-in Task Manager which tracks tasks across every aspect of campaigns – from the creation of digital banners to promotional content. Each department is allocated tasks automatically, allowing campaigns to be executed across each platform seamlessly, with complete traceability on progress and increased efficiency.

Information at your fingertips
In addition, sales staff and clients can see quickly and easily what inventory is still available. And the built-in approval routes allow inventory to be sold to clients while sales staff are still onsite with them (reducing the chance of lost opportunities from those “I’ll need to get back to you” situations!). These built-in approval routes – customised for each client – are based on values such as discounts, maximum-minimum value (brackets) range, digital signing etc, ensuring companies not only operate in line with their own policies, but also keep step with the latest audit rules and regulations by providing complete traceability.

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